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Security grilles

Retractable and Fixed Security Grilles are the most effective way to protect your apartment, house, shop or office. Produced in many variations they fulfil the function of protection in even the most dangerous of places.
Security grilles can be fitted inside the room, this means we view the outside though permanently closed grilles. It gives a sense of security when you are in the room, and after leaving it.


Apartments, Houses, Shop fronts, Holiday homes, Business premises

Key advantages:

Easy to use, Comfortable, Safe, Proper ventilation

The types and models:

Security Fixed Grilles according to an individual customer’s project. Retractable Security Grilles are made to individual customer application.

Security shutters

We recommend both our aluminium commercial and domestic roller shutters, as they will provide you with high level of security against external factors. Namely, they will isolate the interior from rain, wind, sun rays and not only. What is more, you will be kept in privacy and away from any irritating or even dangerous intruders.

In order to make the residential roller shutters and other variants of them more resistant to abrasions, they have been improved with polyurethane foam, inserted into the aluminium slats and hidden with a burned paint. For your convenience, the profile slats can be reversed to a special box, prepared in such a way so that it could match a particular surface accurately.

We approach each client individually and provide him or her with domestic or shop security shutters which are precisely accommodated to a given building. Our products are not only practical, but also aesthetic, and you are free to choose one of many colour versions. As it has been already mentioned, they are enhanced with profiles having foam inside that have been manufactured from marvellous aluminium plates and lacquered twice. It is worth remembering that the foam proves useful in keeping your interior in silence and in the preferred temperature.

We assure you that our extruded roller shutter profiles are solid and will serve their functions for an amazingly long time. You are not only allowed to decide on any colour, available in RAL palette, but also choose the PCV profiles.

Insulated shutters

Thanks to our insulated roller shutters, applied in both private homes and business premises, you can always feel safe and avoid such unfavourable weather conditions as rain or wind and also prevent external loads. What is crucial about them as well is that they increase the level of discretion, allowing you to feel free inside a room and avoid any intrusions.

Each kind of our security roller shutters is enhanced with protection against abrasions, namely special foam hidden in slats and covered with paint. What is more, a shutter box has been added, in order for you to be able to take profile slats back there. So as to meet all your requirements, we adjust this box individually for a given place.

If you choose us, we will prepare the most appropriate insulated shutters for a particular place. We have numerous colour variants for you to select from, because we keep in mind that our products ought to be not only practical, but beautifying as well. Apart from that, thanks to the foam, placed inside the profiles and covered with lacquer twice, abrasions are less likely to occur. Moreover, they provide you with more effective protection against weather changes and noises.

Apart from the freedom to choose a colour from RAL palette, another advantages of our extruded roller shutters are their firmness and infallibility. What is more, they can be improved by PCV profiles at a customer's request.

Garage roller doors

No matter if your building is still under construction or already exists, you can order our excellent garage roller doors. They can be applied in any place, even when there is not much space. It is even more strongly recommended to assemble such a door in the case of a short driveway, as it is rolling vertically instead of opening horizontally. In this way, you can use the space for other important purposes. Furthermore, there is no need to apply any additional enhancements, what lowers the total cost. For your convenience, you can decide on a model with an electric drive, controlled remotely, so that you would not have to get off your car in order to open and close them. We provide you with diverse variants of roller doors, so that they could match the colour of a particular garage. It is worth keeping in mind that our security solutions are always prepared in accordance with all the European regulations.

External doors

External doors are absolutely vital to make a good impression on a visitor, thus you should apply a both beautiful and functional model. SM Solution company always does its utmost to match all your expectations, hence we stock numerous variants of solid entrance doors. No matter if you prefer traditional or more refreshing solutions, you can find a product that will respond to your wishes and preferences. There are, for instance, PCV, wooden or steel doors, for you to select from. We want to provide you with undeniable safety, and for this reason, we also included special security doors to our offer. They are improved with excellent locking mechanisms that are extremely hard to be broken by any intruders.