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Entrance Doors



Our range of products is very wide and we provide you with various kinds of external doors. They can be constructed in a traditional way, if that is your preference, but we also sell outstanding security doors, which will prevent any burglaries. They can be applied to flats and homes, as well as to public buildings.









As we want every customer to find a product which will meet all of their personal requirements, the entrance doors, offered by our company, present diverse styles and technical specifications.











It is significant for us to provide you with the highest standard of products and, at the same time, we are aware that your budget is somehow limited. For this reason, we have prepared relatively cheap, basic models. Nonetheless, you can also order extremely solid steel doors, in a single and double variant as well.

As our company gained much experience and knowledge throughout years of its existence, we are competent to choose the best producers, who manufactures both excellent and cheap external doors. We have cooperated with them for a long time already and we are sure that they are truly reliable. What is more, we provide you with great customer service and we are open for cooperation all across Ireland.








We are presenting numerous products with diverse parameters to you. If you are interested in the most renowned steel doors, you should decide on those which contain polyurethane foam, with the preferred heat transfer which amounts U=1.3 W/m2K. In this way, the correct acoustic and thermal insulation is guaranteed.













There are also POLSTAR entrance doors, which are characterized by superb PCV that cannot be harmed by any weather conditions or ultraviolet radiation. They are enriched with sophisticated decorations and numerous glazing solutions.










Moreover, there are many special designer improvements for you to select from, such just security HEKTOR and LOB locks or AXA fittings. Thanks to all those possibilities, the appearance of your exterior may be vividly enhanced.












There are also some clients who focus on the thickness of the wing itself, therefore, we stock the OPTIMA products too. Not only are they 70 mm thick, but also appear in special colours and structures. They do not much lose much heat, as a result of mineral wool being applied inside them. They can also serve as security doors, thanks to the anti-burglary lock mechanism. What is more, there are additional hidden hinges placed inside them.













If you prefer individual design, you have also the possibility to change the outlook of a particular external door with many various kinds of glazing and fitting. For instance, you can enrich a given model with some stained glass windows or a way mirror.















For customers with higher expectations concerning safety, we have prepared class 2 security doors, whose standard is confirmed with a special certificate. Namely, you can order STAL PIAN UV model, produced by TAUR, for example.

















If you are seeking thick and, at the same time, not expensive doors for your apartment, which will be improved with great heat and thermal insulation, as well as an efficient locking mechanism, you should browse our Popular Series category. Apart from all the practical advantages, they reflect aesthetic values, in order to impress all the guests that will come to visit you.


















It is worth being up-to-date with our online shop's stock, because we enhance it with numerous special offers and beneficial discounts.