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Garage Roller Shutters




If you want to invest in the most popular Roller Doors on the market, you should provide yourself with Non Insulated Garage Roller Doors. In garages, there is no such a need for protection against drought and noise, hence this solution proves very useful there.

Amazingly solid garage roller doors

SM Solution offers you products made from the highest-standard pre-finished steel only. This material is deeply strengthened and shaped in a square profile. In this way, you get an excellent roller door that will perform its function for many years. In order to match your personal preferences and requirements, we have prepared a wide range of products in fourteen different colours. What is more, they are made to measure, so that they would fit your garage perfectly. You can operate our roller doors manually in a light, smooth and easy way, without making any disturbing sounds. In order to find out how comfortable this solution is, you have to try it yourself. Moreover, at your request, we can make it automated. The motor mechanism is installed in a neat way and as it is placed inside the drum to an extent, it is unnoticeable.




Enhanced security thanks to our roller doors

Full security is essential in the structure of Roller Doors by GDS. For this reason, they are enhanced with heavy dual lock bars that protect the door both from inside and outside, as they go through the 50mm steel running guides. As a result, you are provided with ultimate security and you do not have to worry about any burglaries and intrusions.

In order to provide the non insulated Garage Roller Doors with complete opening height, you need to have 450mm of headroom. If you decide on a mini roller, the required headroom will be smaller, namely 330mm. It is because its curtain diameter has been reduced. The maximum size of the mini rollers is 2134mm high and 3048mm wide. It is worth remembering that this product preserves all the characteristics of a standard roller door, also when it comes to a high-quality structure and broad profile design.




The thickness of the insulated Roller Doors ranges between 13.1mm to 18.5mm, as they contain a solid layer of polyurethane foam, and they are manufactured from 55mm or 77mm aluminium profiles. In this way, a great level of acoustic and thermal insulation is obtained. In the production process of the profiles, high-standard aluminium plates are applied. They are powder coated, what makes it possible for us to provide you with a variety of colours. Moreover, they can be veneered in oak, mahogany, gold or nut design. Thanks to the adequate thickness of the plates and special shape of the profiles, really firm slats are prepared, what results in high resistance to any mechanical harm. The roller doors from our offer usually have 4.5 m width, but if there is such a need, we can provide you with the one which is up to 5 m wide. The profiles are easy to manage and they can survive any weather conditions. If necessary, we can add air vents and glazed profiles to the 77 mm profiles.







Garage roller doors fit everywhere

No matter if your building is brand new or have been built many years go, we can install our Roller Door in it without any problem. Its significant quality, appreciated by many clients, is that they require only small space to be mounted and used. The guides in which a roller door has its profile slats inserted are usually 75mm or 90mm wide. The top box, where they are rolled up, counts 250mm, 300mm or 350mm. As they move vertically, garage roller doors are perfect for places with a short driveway or even without it. What is more, you do not have to install any other enhancements inside your garage and in this way, optimize the use of the available space.






Both electric and manual control

It is worth mentioning that a remote control and electric drive are normally installed in every roller door. As a result, you are able to open and close it with no need to get off the car. It is a remarkably safe solution, due to its firmness. You can also make it even more solid by adding modern automatic locks that will make prevent opening the door by an unauthorized person. You do not have to worry about a power failure, because when electricity is not available, you can always use the manual drive to control the garage roller door. Our products meet all the European standards and norms.





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