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Retractable Grilles



Retractable and Fixed Security Grilles are the most effective way to protect your apartment, house, shop or office. Produced in many variations they fulfil the function of protection in even the most dangerous of places. 


Security grilles can be fitted inside the room, this means we view the outside though permanently closed grilles. It gives a sense of security when you are in the room, and after leaving it.







Apartments, Houses, Shop fronts, Holiday homes, Business premises



Key advantages:

Easy to use, Comfortable, Safe, Proper ventilation 



The types and models:

Security Fixed Grilles according to an individual customer’s project.

Security Retractable Grilles are made to individual customer application.



Grilles opening and its additional elements:

System 1: opened to the left

System 2: opened to the right

System 3: opened from inside to the both sides (symmetric and asymmetric)

Fitted to the reveal or outside of a wall, on straight guides or on hinges.

Locked with pad lock or key lock YALE tape.



Retractable grilles specification:

Grilles are fabricated from flat double steel: vertical 20 x 5 mm and a diagonal 20 x 2 mm.

1 sq meter weighs: 12 kg

1 meter of closed grill: 16 cm

Grilles maximum height: 6 m

Grilles maximum width: 18 m

Available in wide range of colours, galvanized if required. 


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